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Beaulieu Vineyard

2008 Hewitt Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum 1.5L


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Embark on a vinous journey through time with the 2008 Hewitt Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum 1.5L—an extraordinary expression of a bygone era. This magnum format offers a unique opportunity to savor the essence of a vintage that has gracefully matured over the years.

Crafted with meticulous care, this Cabernet Sauvignon reveals the complexity and character that define the Hewitt Vineyard. The 2008 vintage, known for its distinctive qualities, showcases a harmonious blend of flavors that have evolved into a symphony of dark fruit notes, including blackberry, plum, and cassis.

As you uncork this magnum, be prepared for an aromatic journey filled with the subtle nuances of aged wine—hints of cedar, leather, and a touch of earthiness. The extended aging in the magnum format has allowed the wine to develop a velvety texture and a refined structure.

Whether you're a collector seeking to enhance your cellar or planning a special celebration, the 2008 Hewitt Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum 1.5L is a rare and captivating treasure. Indulge in the allure of this vintage, where time has woven a tapestry of flavors, making every sip a nostalgic celebration of the past.


$1 Shipping on $200+

Best Deals on Luxury Wine

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